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Music from the Moon winner records at FAME Recording Studios

By WAFF 48 Digital Staff | July 15, 2019 at 9:50 PM CDT - Updated July 15 at 10:24 PM

MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WAFF) - An international songwriting contest out of north Alabama put the spotlight on a musician out of Gresham, Oregon.

Maiah Wynne won the Music from the Moon competition with a song titled “Show the World.” On Monday, she recorded that song at FAME Recording Studios.

“When I sat down to write this song, it had to be about the moon but that was pretty much the only parameter about it. But you knew as an entrant to the contest that it was about the Apollo 11 mission, and how great of a human achievement that is, and that definitely resonated with me, and I wanted to represent all of the people that contributed to that mission," said Wynne. "Not just the men that went to the moon, but also the people on the ground that were making the calculations. and I really wanted to write a song that included everybody and made everybody feel a little bit inspired.”

“I think we all have a little bit of that desire and that dream inside of us, whether it’s for space and to be an astronaut, or it’s music or whatever it is that we all have a little bit of that dream inside of us, that dreamer. and I think it’s easy to relate to something that’s as huge as the moon mission because it’s one of the greatest achievements in human history. It’s one of the biggest dreams we’ve ever dreamt, and we achieved it, and it’s easy to relate to that as a human being,” she said. "And I think that anybody can listen to that song and feel a little bit of that spark. And I think that’s why people relate to it. And it makes them feel like a kid again in a way, when you used to look at the sky and feel that little bit of magic. And that’s what any songwriter would hope for, I think. It’s been amazing to see the response. I’ve had NASA scientists come up to me and talk to me about what the song meant to them, and that’s been amazing. And then little kids, 6-year-olds, that talk about loving the song and how it makes them feel, and that’s just amazing to me.”

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Maiah Wynne