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Multi-instrumentalist Maiah Wynne releases bleak and beautiful single, ‘A Chance To Say Goodbye’.

Opening with the brooding sparseness of a Daughter song, Maiah Wynne’s ‘A Chance To Say Goodbye’ immediately evokes emotion. It’s the kind of song that could cause a room full of people to fall still, silently taking in every word and note. Sure, it’s a sad song, but some of the saddest songs, in my opinion, are categorically the best ones. They tap into real themes and feelings, exposing the uglier truths that the world sometimes demands we paint over, because sadness isn’t always pretty, right? But with sadness comes vulnerability and with vulnerability comes bravery, empathy and compassion, and what is more beautiful than that?

Maiah Wynne was inspired to create this song by watching Anna Camp's performance in the upcoming film "Here Awhile", where her terminally ill character makes the heart-wrenching choice to end her life putting to use the Death with Dignity Act. Sonically, this is a song that has been thoughtfully and delicately crafted around the pain and emotion at its thematic core. Maiah’s compelling vocal is a moving focal point and her voice atmospherically leads the song accompained by the gradual rise and fall of subtle cinematic arrangements, that overall, makes for a breathtaking listen.

This song is also accompanied by simple yet effect music video which somehow documents how time is fleeting, but also, how time is vast and endless and I guess it made me think of how regardless of debates on the afterlife or what happens to us when we die, we always live on in some way in the marks and hearts we leave behind. Therefore, there’s a very beautiful message underlying the sadness here not to take anything for granted, to love and be loved and live well.

Words of Karla Harris

Maiah Wynne