Maiah Wynne – "Sleep" Feature

Maiah Wynne - Sleep

This dark folk pop track comes from American singer-songwriter Maiah Wynne, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The song is modest but retains emotion and distinctiveness that it feels so huge for this humble, grassroots artist. Lyrically impassioned and intimate, about her own anxiety, Maiah pairs her soft, haunting vocals with an uptempo driving drum beat and delicate acoustics. The chorus, strings, and vocals really are ethereal and layered in a way that is exquisitely beautiful.

- ThnksFrThRvw author

Maiah Wynne – Sleep

As the crisp autumn wind blows through the New York City infrastructures, Missoula, Montana singer Maiah Wynne sings about a chronic long-term sleep disorder that approximately forty million Americans suffer every day. Before now, I hadn’t known the figures nor did I know its commonality. On the music side, it’s interesting because, without thinking deeply about its name, I associate the music with calming energy and sleep. When sharing the concept behind the music, Maiah Wynne said the track is a musical representation of her night terrors.

“It is an auditory representation of flashbacks, PTSD, nightmares, and the feeling of being dragged through a terrifying mental place. It represents the vulnerability of experiencing something that is scary and isolating at the same time. “Sleep” addresses how alone people who experience these events can feel because so much of it happens outside of other peoples’ perception. I hope that this song can bring comfort to those who suffer from sleep disorders or flashbacks. It is a hard thing to try to explain to other people, and I think this song will bring a lot of relief to those who need to know that there is someone who understands.”

- Grungecake Author by Richardine Bartee Sunday, November 11, 2018

Maiah Wynne