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Gorgeous haunting indie-folk where every note and lyric penetrates deep into your skin

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“To experience Maiah Wynne is to follow a wandering butterfly as it leads you away to a land of delicate melodies, mid-tempo folk rhythms, and perfectly tailored instrumentation."

Maiah Wynne is a multi-instrumentalist, one-woman tour de force, with a show that appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. Throughout her performances, Maiah fluently transitions through unique and traditional instruments, like the dulcimer, oil can ukulele, keys, and guitar, while her feet do the percussive work. Adept at embodying a mood or theme in one song and then swapping it for another, what emerges is a shifting and engaging experience threaded through by Wynne’s haunting, evocative voice and earnest lyrics.

Artists like Maiah Wynne remind us that we have a choice in how we engage with the world. Wynne is intentional in the subjects she chooses to write about. She believes in art—music in particular—as a means for change and has dedicated projects to causes including the preservation of ocean life and mental health. 

She has performed on large stages and in intimate settings including featured appearances at Sundance Film Festival and South by Southwest. Maiah most recently placed second in The Museum of Pop Culture's Sound Off 2018 competition, and she toured as a featured artist with Portland Cello Project in May.



Maiah Wynne is one of those musicians it’s impossible not to like. Down to earth, friendly, and inspiring
— Metiza Magazine
Alarmingly beautiful
— Kill the Music
haunting vocals and ukulele...she’s making a mark in the folk-pop world.
— Sustain Music and Nature
[A Siren’s Song] fills you with wonder, with longing, with appreciation for the natural beauty that we so often overlook — and in doing so makes you want to run out and hug that mysterious ocean world and keep it safe from harm.
— 30A - Tania Braukamper
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— Boing Boing
Maiah’s lyrics, music and artistry shows maturity and talent beyond her age
— Ukulele Magazine
when you see her perform her song “Fearless Girl,” a #MeToo-era tribute that she sings in a strong, lucid voice while tackling keyboard, electronic drum kit and a bucket bass drum, it’s obvious why she’s a rising star.
— The Missoula Independent
A prolific songwriter...Maiah Wynne is taking the world by tidal wave.
— Socially Sparked News
Haunting vocal tones, like a misty purple sunset filled with cool desert air, combine with an impressive array of instruments—including the mountain dulcimer, thumb piano, and the electric ukulele. The beauty of Ms. Wynne’s tracks is heightened further by her emotional and empathetic storytelling. Follow the butterfly, you won’t be disappointed.
— Seattle Museum of Pop Cultre
Light and Shadows’ reveals the sound of a true artist perfecting their craft.
— Skope Magazine
One of her most striking videos is of her performance inside the tunnel next to the Berkeley Pit. The tunnel glows like a hallway inside the Millennium Falcon. Wynne, wearing a purple dress and black boots, strums a gorgeous Bohemian Honey electric soprano ukulele (the body of which is made from a Bohemian motor oil can) and sings Radiohead’s “Creep.” Who hasn’t seen that song covered a million times? But Wynne’s take on it is pretty-but-raw in a way I’ve never heard before.
— The Missoula Independent
Maiah Wynne is a Gen Xer to watch as she adds her spark to the world.
— Socially Sparked News
At just 21 years old Wynne is already scorching out a path as a rising star of the folk-pop world, but what made us fall for her even more was her drive to use her talents to make a difference.
— 30A
It’s not just established stars and new super-groups that are making us go “Whoa!”, but plenty of newcomers are blowing us away. Take Maiah Wynne, who resides in Missoula, Montana. Her single, “Monster in a Human Suit”, which is from her EP Lights and Shadows, is gorgeous, haunting indie-folk, where every note and lyric penetrates deep into your skin. The allegory and imagery of the song is that of a seasoned creative writer, yet Wynne is only 19-years old. Could she be the next Brandi Carlile? The skies is clearly the limit for this rising folk star.
— The Revue
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emotional and innovative
— Bozeman Magazine
Maiah Wynne is Mystical, Magical, and Making Waves
— Metiza Magazine
Maiah Wynne has a voice that’s both sweet and haunting. Such that if it reached the ear of any sailor, he’d mistake her for a Siren and tie himself to the mast.
— 30A
she’s able to capture the character from a song or idea, whether it’s a blues song or a dark, minimalist pop tune not too dissimilar from Lorde.
— The Missoulian
she’s continued to put herself into the world with a steady, humble confidence.
— The Missoula Independent


Performance Highlights


South by Southwest


Performed with:
Portland Cello Project 2018
Rising Appalachia 2017
Butterscotch 2017

Opened for:
Lucinda Williams 2017
Asleep at the Wheel 2017


First Night Spotlight
Third Place

Zoo Music Awards
First Place

Top of the Mic
First Place

Claim to Fame
2017 International Competition
First Place

Sound Off!
2018 International Competition
Second Place

Music Placement

The Ballad of Lefty Brown
Feature Film 2017
End Credits Song

Feature Film 2018
Score, Soundtrack, Lead

Timber the Treasure Dog
Feature Film 2015
End Credits Song

The Puppy Swap
Feature Film 2018
Soundtrack, End Credits Song

My Favorite Movie
Feature Film 2015

The Immortal Agustus Glastone
Feature Film 2013