Gorgeous haunting indie-folk where every note and lyric penetrates deep into your skin
— The Revue
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“Maiah’s music transcends the mundane. It goes above the ‘that song sounds good’ level. I can hear the potential for her to become a future songstress that others will be imitating. She’s that good”

- Mark Sugiyama, Eclectic Arts

Maiah has the kind of hauntingly beautiful voice that can cause a room full of people to fall still, silently taking in every word and note. At just 22 she is making waves in the folk/pop world, receiving accolades from music outlets like NPR’s All Songs Considered, KEXP and OPB music.

Outside of the folk/pop world, Maiah is currently collaborating on an EP with Alex Lifeson of Rush. As a testament to her strength as a songwriter and lyricist, Lifeson stated that Maiah has “the ability to deliver an emotive soundscape as a platform to lyrics both personal and universal.”

Earning the title “One Woman Tour De Force”, Maiah has already written hundreds of songs on an impressive array of instruments including the dulcimer, keys, guitar, uke, banjo, and more. She is known for playing up to 4 instruments at the same time during her shows, often while wearing butterfly wings. Most recently, she won the international Music from the Moon contest with her original song “Show the World”. As the winner, she was awarded a trip to the Space and Rocket center to perform for the Apollo astronauts, ten thousand dollars, and a recording session at the legendary FAME studios.

“What made us fall for her even more was her drive to use her talents to make a difference.” says 30A Magazine. Maiah has donated time, portions of song sales, concerts, and music to organizations like MMIW USA, First Aid Arts, and Misool Foundation.  

Follow the butterfly, you won’t be disappointed.

See what people are saying - including NPR music, KEXP, Boing Boing, and Vortex Music Magazine.

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A dusky, delicate voice brimming with emotion.
Haunting...a fresh take on music that echoes back to the sounds of Appalachian folk tunes
a strong songwriter who can deliver an emotive soundscape as a platform to lyrics both personal and universal
— Alex Lifeson, Rush

Recent Awards

Music From the Moon - NASA & FAME
2019 Song Contest
Winner for "Show the World"

Sound Off! - KEXP
2018 Seattle 21 & Under Music Competition
Second Place

Claim to Fame
2017 International Song Competition
Winner for cover of “Creep”

2017 International Convention
HATCH Groundbreaker Award for music