Maiah Wynne


The Band

Meet the members of the Maiah Wynne Band!


Bethany Joyce - Cello, Keyboard, Saw

Bethany Joyce is a classically-trained cellist with a history of eclectic musical projects that emphasize her ardor for improvisation. After graduating from the University of Montana School of Fine Arts, she established herself as a member of both the Missoula and Helena Symphonies, and as head of the Children's Cello Choir for the YMCA's community music program.
She has collaborated on film scores, musicals and operas, and performs regularly and with numerous bands and vocal artists throughout Montana and the Pacific Northwest.   
Ms. Joyce tours regularly with various projects including Red Onion Purple, Stellarondo, Ovando and Wartime Blues and has recorded on over 30 albums; with Wartime Blues she was featured on NPR and Daytrotter.

Stephanie Kitson- Bass Guitar, Backing vocals

Stephanie Kitson is a multi-talented musician and songwriter. She performs as a bass player, singer, and piano player in a multitude of different projects. She also works as a vocal and piano instructor at Hoffman Academy. Stephanie performs regularly as a solo artist, beatboxing and looping her vocals in unique ways. Her music combines traditional and modern techniques, creating a beautiful and unique sound.

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Lee Hauser- Drums, Cajón, Percussion


Lee Hauser is an incredibly talented percussionist and drummer currently pursuing a jazz degree at Portland University. He draws from a wide range of classical and modern influences in his music. Lee has performed with an impressive list of singers & bands, and he performs regularly in the popular jazz and funk fusion band "Radio Phoenix"



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Troy William Dunn-  Producer, Backing vocals, Percussion, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Troy is an innovative songwriter, musician, producer, editor, and engineer. He is wise beyond his years with an impressive list of albums, soundtracks, score pieces, film credits and live venue mixing under his belt. Troy brings a wealth of knowledge and groundbreaking ideas to both the live songs and recorded pieces. 

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